Yakutian Knife
Yakutian Knife
Yakutian Knife
Yakutian Knife
Yakutian Knife

Yakutian Knife

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The Yakutian, or Sakha people, of Siberia, have a long and rich tradition of blacksmithing, holding village smiths just below shamans in reverence. The iconic knife of these people has evolved from prehistoric knives made of bones, and the unique shape remains. What makes the Yakutian knife so special is its blade geometry. One side of the blade is flat, and features a deep, hammered in fuller or groove. The other is almost entirely convex.  This allows for a blade that is excellently suited for carving wood, as well as hunting and fishing tasks. The large and egg-shaped cross section of the handle ensures a secure grip, even when wearing thick winter mittens; a necessity in one of the coldest regions on earth.

This blade has been hand forged from 5160 spring steel, with the characteristic forged-in fuller, and hand-honed to a razor's edge.

The handle is composed of a section of moose antler, as well as roasted birch. Blade is affixed to the handle with a solid, 1/8" brass pin.

Includes a handmade sheath with a poplar wood insert, thick leather lace and hand-carved antler beads.


Overall Length: 8 1/2"

Blade: 3 3/4"

Width: 1 3/16"

Thickness: 5/32"

Blade material: 5160 spring steel