Our Lore

Hammerthreads is represented by an ancient Norse symbol, The Web of Wyrd. A concept akin to fate, the actions of our past built our present, and the present actions will henceforth bring about our future. This web, woven by the fates, is a representation of our journey through life.

Using natural materials sourced as locally as possible, I strive to be conscious of what I put into the world. You will find each element of my designs thoughtfully crafted with a mind for our future. Choosing to buy well made products that are built to last significantly reduces our footprint on the planet.

Reclaimed leather and fabrics are an important part of my product line, transforming forgotten treasures into functional and beautiful things, rescuing these precious materials from the waste stream. Every scrap that lands on my doorstep finds new purpose as one of our many recycled products while a portion of each sale plants a tree in Canadian forests upon purchase!

As our small shop grows so does our commitment to this way of life. You will find no plastic in any of our retail packaging and we are making the shift to recycled padded mailers and boxes in place of our bubble mailers. Every little bit counts and we are trying to be accountable for every little bit.