Make Your Own Fire Cider

Fire Cider my old friend, it's time to talk of you again.⁣

The most tantalizing of tonics, this blazing immune booster is packed with a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory, digestion supporting, circulation stimulating magic! Fighting away the most furious of flus and colds while offering whole body wellness, it truly is a miracle worker.⁣

While you can find endless recipes on every bookshelf and tucked away in kitchen drawers, they all come down to some basic ingredients. You may find your own recipe shifts over the years or even seasons as local availability cycles and gardens flourish with new gifts.⁣

There is no wrong way to make this one but here is my personal base list to get you started.⁣

Hot Peppers⁣
And of course, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar⁣

From there you can expand with whatever herbs and spices call to you and adjust your recipe to taste, rosemary and oregano are excellent choices. Chop everything up being sure to layer the heaviest ingredients last, this keeps every last bit held in place when you pour in the apple cider vinegar to cover.⁣

Layer a bit of cloth or parchment before adding the lid to keep rust from forming. Then you can marvel at your beautiful mixture before tucking it away somewhere cool to let time take over. You will want to give it a shake each day to help everything along.⁣

Some folks use it the very next day but we wait at least a month. Often preferring to work this wonder under a new moon as it not only lends an extra potent energy, but acts as a natural timer to remind me when it is ready.⁣⁣
You may then strain through cheesecloth and add raw honey to taste, but don't throw away your remnants just yet! Bottle up your liquid gold and store in a cool dark place, ours never lasts more than a few months but for longer storage you can keep it in the refrigerator. Personally I take a quick shot of this fiery treat every day beginning in the fall but you can reserve it just for when you feel illness coming on. ⁣⁣

Leftover pulp can be used in a variety of ways. My favorite being a spicy spring roll that is sure to light a fire in your belly, but it's just at home in an incredible oil infusion that lends a wild flavor to any salad. Drop it in a stir fry, freeze to add to soups and stews or dehydrate for a stellar spice mix!⁣⁣
There you have it friends, fire cider is incredibly simple and only requires light chopping and a bit of patience. I would love to hear if you make your own and what you added to the mix.⁣⁣



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