Digamajig - Hammerthreads
Digamajig - Hammerthreads
Digamajig - Hammerthreads
Digamajig - Hammerthreads


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A good trowel is the gardener's best friend. Rising by necessity from numerous broken tools, the Digamajig answers the call with gusto and a touch of class.

The spade is forged from 1/8" thick mild steel plate with beveled edges for light chopping, and a hot stamped scale for gauging depth while digging. The handle is a twisted bar of 1/2" thick mild steel with a tapered loop to hang it in your shed when the day is done. Connecting the bit and handle are two solid copper rivets to ensure longevity.

Spade bit is approximately 6" long and 3" in width. Handle is approximately 6 1/2" in length.

The steel has been hardened inasmuch as mild steel can be, and given a brushed finish. As mild steel can rust, please clean and dry your tool after use and if at all possible, protect with a light coat of oil or spray with WD-40 to ensure a long life.

**These are made-to-order and will ship within approximately 1-2 weeks**